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7 Things I Learned from Creating My First Podcast Episode with Chronicles of PA Wilson

7 Things I Learned from Creating My First Podcast Episode with Chronicles of PA Wilson

 So, I did a thing. I’m starting a podcast with my friend, a fellow blogger and fellow English major, Paige Wilson, also known as Chronicles of PA Wilson. We wrote a study guide on a book we read in our 20th Century Novel Class at Grove City College a month back. It is a challenging but rewarding read. We wanted to help students and interested readers as they read this novel. We also wanted to talk about all our favorite and least favorite parts.

We’ve always enjoyed talking about books, shows, movies, and everything else, so we decided to make a podcast. Although I’ve had a bit of experience creating videos and video editing and I’ve used Audacity a little, making a podcast was not like I’d expected. Making a podcast is like jumping out of a hundred-story window and learning how to land. Here are seven things I learned from making the first episode.

  1. Being Recorded isn’t too bad

I’m not used to being on camera, and I’ve never been a fan of putting myself out there, so I was a little nervous before filming a podcast. To my surprise, it wasn’t so bad. After a few minutes, it felt normal. Paige and I were a little uncertain at times, but I think I’ll get more comfortable with it as time goes on. We used our study guide as a sort of script, so that helped me remember what to say

2. You need a good microphone 

We both recorded the first episode using our computer microphones. Paige’s microphone picked up background sound, so we had to cancel the noise on Audacity. We both bought microphones and plan to use them for our next episode.

3. Have a backup just in case

Paige and I set up our podcast by calling each other on Zoom. We recorded ourselves using Audacity and on Zoom. We each recorded ourselves on Audacity and later synched the audios together. It is important to have backup audio just in case something goes wrong with Audacity or the recording. Luckily, there were no problems.

4. Editing is tedious and time-consuming.

 I sent Paige the recording of my audio and she edited them together. She uploaded them to an MP3 and then created a second edit. In the second recording, we edited out long poses and the “um” and the “likes.” Since I did not have a good mic yet, unnecessary background noise. She edited the first ten minutes or so of the second recording and I finished it. It took us at least 8 hours between the two of us. Reducing the background noise took a lot of time. If you have a good microphone, editing should not take as long, but it is still tiring.

5. I say “like” a lot when I talk, Paige said “um a few times

I barely notice these things when I speak out loud, and I know it’s what happens when we talk normally, but wow. I use filler words a lot. I didn’t even want to try counting them

6. Editing isn’t too bad

Although editing feels like it takes ages sometimes, I enjoyed listening to us talk again and remembering all the points we made. It is so satisfying to cut out that extra “um” and make the audio sound better. When I finished, I felt like I created something cool. I loved making progress as I went along and then listening to the final project. 

7. Podcasting is fun and it is not just for extraverts

I had a blast making the first episode. I used to think podcasts were for more outgoing people, but anyone can do it. I don’t worry about other people listening because it is prerecorded. It feels like a conversation with a friend. I also loved the opportunity to talk about books! The Sound and the Fury is one of my favorites, and I love talking about the characters and all the complicated questions it asks.

Check out The Chronicles of a Muse podcast on my podcast page!

We plan to create another episode soon. We are introducing Chronicles of the Muse, talking a little about ourselves and our plans for this podcast. Keep listening, folks. We plan on getting more into literature soon. We also love to analyze books, shows, music, and movies on our separate blogs. Check out my blog and Paige’s at