About Me

Hello! I’m Ashley Ostrowski. I am a recent graduate from Grove City College with a BA in English.

I started The Perusing Muse in a content marketing class in college and have been blogging ever since. Media fascinates me: what it says about life, how it contributes to we understand the world and influences how we live our lives.

In this blog, I talk about books, movies, adult cartoons, sitcoms, philosophy, and pretty much anything that tells a story and can be analyzed intensely. The Perusing Muse looks into what makes media as good and sometimes as bad as it is. How do writers ensure quality characterization, lasting themes, and what makes a show, movie, or book lovable? What do stories say about what it means to be human? My blog will be answering all of those and more. The blog also features some of my other hobbies. Those include running, yoga, design, and swing dancing.

I also host the podcast Chronicles of a Muse with P.A. Wilson.

The logo was created by Alyssa Wilson.